2020, François Buffet

François Buffet (1980), lives in Rouen (France)

In 2013, he was laureate of the international acousmatic music competition « Banc d’essai » organised by the GRM in Paris. In 2014 he was commissioned by the GRM to create En to pan. In 2017 he is invited in the Musiques et Recherches studios (Belgium) for create Holos. In 2017, he is awarded for the International Electroacoustic Composition Competition Iannis Xenakis in Thessaloniki (Greece). In 2018, he is finalist of the Prix Russolo with many concerts in the world.

He is co-founder of Module Etrange (electroacoustic music) and Plage Sonore Festival in Normandy (experimental music diffusion).

His works focuses essentially on acousmatic composition, developing a holistic thought of the different sound parameters. His attraction, since his childhood, for everything that deals with cosmos and a shape of quest for absolute, inspired his aesthetics, favouring a wide and ecstatic sound.

He have an important relationship with image, working regularly with video artists in France and aboard in experimental movie domain. He made several soundtracks documentaries, fictions, photo expositions.

His work has been played and broadcast in various festivals, shows and radios, including Electromania, Electrain de nuit (Radio France), Akousma (GRM, Paris), Banc d’essai (GRM, Paris), Festival Plage Sonore (Normandie, France), Festival Licence (Paris), Electrobelge (Bruxelles), Festival Futura (Crest, France), Multimédia exhibition (Modena, Italia), Festival Tourneson (Le Havre, France), Edinbugh Internationnal Film Festival (Edinburgh, Scotlands) and 106 expérience (Rouen, France).

He studied musicology at the University of Rouen (Normandy) and at the University of Paris-Sorbonne where he completed a degree (Master) directed by Marc Battier in electroacoustic music between 2000 and 2006, especially about Jean-Claude Risset’s works. He also attended composition classes with Jacques Petit at the Conservatory of Rouen. He has given workshops in computer music at the University of Rouen and Le Havre Art school. After a course at the GRM (Groupe de Recherches Musicales, Paris) he took part in the development of the « Acousmographe » software, and carried out projects for the education ministry. He co-authored a book with François Bayle.

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